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About Me

Hello!  I’m Alisha the creator of Wanderlust Glow.  I am a wife, mom, half girly girl, half tomboy, lover of sports, animals, music and all things beauty.  I have a deep passion for people and travel.

Like many people, I love to be tan and have that summer glow all year round.  For several years, tanning beds were my thing.  I loved tanning beds.  To me, they were relaxing.  I loved the way I felt and looked when I was finished tanning.  I even took naps in the beds.  I recall when tanning bed times went from 30 minute sessions to 20 minute sessions and finally to 10 minute sessions.  I was sad about it as that was my favorite time of day.  The 10 minute sessions were conducive to my busy, fast-paced lifestyle but didn’t give me that relaxation I loved.  I was uneducated like many people about the potential harm the beds were doing to my body inside and out.  I was young and did not care much about those things.  When you’re young sometimes you feel invincible and like you are going to live forever.  I finally came to my senses and started to realize the likelihood of me getting skin cancer was a real possibility.  Not to mention the leathery, wrinkled skin and other hazards.  I stopped tanning in beds and stayed perpetually pale unless it was summertime.  In my early 30’s I began using the misting booths at tanning salons.  My tans were uneven, the color was not customized to my skin tone or needs. I was the color of an oompa loompa and the experience was impersonal.  Fast forward to my late 30’s, I started spray tanning or airbrush tanning.  I liked the color I was getting, for the most part.  However, I knew nothing of pre-tan preparation, post-tan care, do’s, don’ts, or what was in the products being used on me. I needed a tan for a bridal event and a dear friend recommended a mobile spray tan girl in my area.  She was very affordable and the thought of her coming to me was fantastic.  I achieved the color that I desired but not much more – no education, information or real customer service.  I never heard from her again even after reaching out.

After all of my experiences and realizing the need for a professionally trained, educated, certified and insured spray tan artist in my area, Wanderlust Glow was born.  My commitment is to provide as much education to our clients as possible about the process, products and experience.

My promise is to get to know each one of my clients with a one-on-one consultation.  I am trained to work with all skin types and skin tones.  I only use the highest quality, PETA approved, luxury products that are UV, gluten, paraben and cruelty free.  Our products are derived from natural ingredients, made with the purest form of dihydroxyacetone or DHA.  They are safe, not sticky, do not leave you orange and fade evenly with proper aftercare.

No more harmful beds or booths.  No more uneven misting booth tans.  No more orange color.

Wanderlust Glow offers luxury in-salon and mobile spray tanning services. After your spray tan with us, we think you will feel confident and empowered.

We are members of Sunless Evolution and the Association of Sunless Tanning Professionals (ASTP).

We cannot wait to meet you and give you that gorgeous glow you enjoy and deserve.


Alisha Gain

Owner & Certified Spray Tan Artist

WANDERLUST GLOW is a body positive, female empowered company that strives to help each person feel their very best.

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